Industrial Instrumentation

Temperature Calibration, Sensor Manufacturing, Instrument Servicing

The Troops


Instrument Technician / Electrical Technician - aka 'Dad'

Experienced Instrumentation Technician with mega experience in instrument calibrations
and servicing.  Has a penchant for Level Calibrations, and is conversant with the various
Radar Level Gauges, as well as the Enraf Tank Gauging systems.  
Regularly vists Petrochem sites to carry out servicing and calibration work, and travels
around the countryside as required.  Keen X-Box player and enjoys mucking about with a dirt bike.


Temperature Sensor Manager - artisan, legend, and generally really good at what he does.

Has been manufacturing, designing, and building temperature probes to suit any process for
approx 30 years.  Mark loves efficiency, 'the easier it is, the better the quality' is one of his
favourite sayings.  Originally from the UK, Mark came to NZ in 1996 and is well settled into the
Kiwi culture.  Enjoys sport as long as it involves beer, a comfortable chair, and a big TV with
surround sound. Supports Liverpool football club, the Ferrari F1 team and of course, the All Blacks.


Sales Manager - keen sales guy, enjoys meeting people.

Has been in Sales for his working career, very conversant in the different types of instrumentation.

Lives in Mt Maunganui and enjoys the lifestyle.


Electrical Technician - aka 'the K man'

Has Electrical Registration, trained in Explosive Atmospheres, and has his IMC training underway.  

Enjoys his weekends.

Michael F.

Electrical Inspector - Explosive Atmospheres, Qualified Instrument Technician - aka 'The Flan'

Registered Electrician who has completed his IMC training and carried on to become
an Electrical Inspector, specialising in Explosive Atmospheres.


Instrument Technician / Electrical Technician - known to all and sundry as 'KD'.

Has Electrical Registration and IMC Level 4, excels at electrical installation and upgrade work,
particularly in Explosive Atmospheres.

Not bad at Ping Pong either, and flying drones.


Electrical Technician - aka 'Wado'

Has Electrical Registration, trained in Explosive Atmospheres, and has his IMC training underway.  

Enjoys his weekends and a bit of surfing I am told.


Instrument Technician / Electrical Technician - aka 'Kaino'

Has Electrical Registration and IMC Level 4, excels at gas detection calibrations.

Enjoys (so he says) renovating houses and a bit of kite-boarding.


Electrical Apprentice - aka 'Rookie'

Working towards Electrical Registration, awesome at Control Panel Builds,
installing Cable Support Systems, and getting the job done.

Looking forward to seeing him excel at his craft, also loves his drones and his kite-boarding.


Electrical Apprentice - aka is yet to be determined (although Junior could work).

Newest member to the team, currently finishing his Mini rebuild.


Instrument / Electrical Engineer - aka 'Chief Charlie'.

Has Electrical Registration, NZCE, and is experienced in a diverse number of industries, Steel,
Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Dairy to name a few. Has worked for Tasman Pulp & Paper,
Caxton Paper Mills, Bay Milk, Nuplex Industries and Pacific Steel.  
Involved in building Dairy Factories and Pulp Mills from the ground up.
Project experience on Control System changeovers, from Honeywell TDC2000's to
Emerson DeltaV's and upgraded Control Systems on Boilers, Reactors, Furnaces and
Factories from Auckland, Brisbane, to American Samoa.  
Visited Control System Manufacturers in Milan, Paris, Luxembourg to name a few
along with some Computer Modelling Software companies.  
Has a 4 kids, enjoys surfing, paddle-boarding, wakeboarding, and snow ski-ing when he can.
Has been known to watch the occasional NFL Football game,
and possibly follows the New England Patriots.