Industrial Instrumentation

Temperature Calibration, Sensor Manufacturing, Instrument Servicing

The Firm

We are industrial instrumentation specialists,  we carry out electrical work, and we manufacture temperature probes.

Thats pretty much it, in a nutshell.  We like seeing how your plant operates, we love seeing how stuff works, and we especially like seeing how your stuff works in your process.

We fix your stuff, or for something even better, making your stuff work like it should.

Industry is where we live, we build control systems, calibrate instruments, attend callouts, make temperature probes, talk with you about your stuff, and suggest ways that your stuff could be better.  We use big words like proportional, and thermodynamics, and little words like yes, we can do that.

If we can do something, we will tell you; if we can't do something, we will tell you; if we have no idea whether we can do it or not, yep, we will still tell you.

People who work here are Electricians, Instrument Techs, Apprentices, Engineers, Project Managers, Office Staff.  We do things together; ten pin bowling, fishing, wakeboarding, bbq's, and generally having each other on.  We coach rugby, netball, raise kids, have a laugh, and try to live as large as we can.

Give us a call, send an email, visit the workshop; however you want to contact us, we don't mind, just make sure you do - we look forward to it.