Industrial Instrumentation

Temperature Calibration, Sensor Manufacturing, Instrument Servicing

Instrumentation Services

Do you have instruments that need calibrating or servicing ?

Contact us, we can help.

Temperature:   RTD probes,  Thermocouples,  Temperature Controllers:  -30ºC to 1100ºC.

We have a number of Dry-Blocks, Reference Probes, and Simulators to allow us to look after your temperature assets.

Pressure:   Gauges,  Transmitters, absolute or gauge:   -1 barg to 1000 barg.

We have a range of Certified Gauges, Pressure Pumps, Vacuum Equipment, and Reference Modules to calibrate your pressure gear.

pH:   Probes,  Controllers, Systems:   Buffer Solutions 0 to 14 pH.

We carry a range of buffer solutions in stock to suit your process.

Level:   Probes, Transmitters, Radar, Ultrasonic, Displacers, Differential Pressure.

Our workshop has a 5.2 metre water column for calibrating Radar and Ultrasonic Level Transmitters.

Flow:  Magflowmeter, Mass Flowmeter, Displacement Flowmeter.

We have a custom built flow rig that can calibrate flows up to 750 litres/min at the highest accuracy.


If you have any sort of process that utilises measuring instruments, we can help, and more often than not, this can all be performed on your site.