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Hand Held Temperature Probe Calibration Service

Send us your Hand Held Temperature Probe for an IANZ calibration.

Courier your hand-held temperature probe to us and we will carry out a IANZ temperature calibration with a 24 hr turnaround. If your temperature probe arrives before 10:00am on a working day, it will leave our workshop on the same day afternoon courier, and depending where you are in the country, could be with you the next day.

What Brands Can We Calibrate

Ebro's, Testo's, Comark's, pretty much any hand held Temperature Probe you can think of.

What Temperature Points Do We Do

Our standard points are -18 ºC, 0 ºC, and 82 ºC, however, we can carry out calibrations at any point between -30 ºC to 600 ºC.

How Much Does It Cost

We charge $175.00 exc GST for a 3-point calibration, and this includes the Courier Charge back to you anywhere in New Zealand, extra points are $25.00 exc GST each.  So if you want a 5 point calibration, this will cost $175.00 for the 3-points, then another $50.00 for the extra 2 points giving you a total of $225.00 exc GST and including the Courier charge.

If you just want an Ice Point then it will cost $85.00 exc GST, and includes the Courier charge back to you.

What Else Can you Do

We can also do Infra-Red Handhelds utilising our brand new Fluke 4181 IR Flat Plate Calibrator, however, this will not be under our IANZ Accreditation (work in progress), and we will supply a standard Calibration Certificate for this calibration.

What Do I Do Now

Just just fill out the form below, send us your probe/s, and we will book in your calibration.

Our Laboratory address is:  Unit 7, 123 Cryers Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013.